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ARK Models Blackburn "Shark" British torpedo bomber

ARK Models Blackburn "Shark" British torpedo bomber



The Blackburn "B-6", a prototype of the Blackburn "Shark" biplane first flew on 24 August 1933, with its production starting at the end of the following year. The aircraft fitted with alternate detachable landing gear (wheels or floats) could be used in the reconnaissance, bomber or torpedo bomber roles. The Blackburn "Shark" was introduced into service with the British Fleet in May 1935. No. 810, 820 & 821 Squadrons were equipped with "Sharks". No. 820 Naval Air Squadron served aboard H.M.S. "Courageous". Aircraft was also in service in Canada. Six floatplane "Sharks" Mk.IIA were sold to Portugal in 1936. Replaced as a first-line aircraft by the "Swordfish" in 1938, the "Shark" continued flying as a Fleet Air Arm trainer and communications aircraft. In all, 269 biplanes in several variants were manufactured.

Pre-war aircraft had wings, tail-fin and rudder painted silver. The engine cowling, fuselage, struts and undercarriage had light grey anodized metal finish. Floats when fitted were silver, struts grey. The fuselage decking was matt black. Fleet markings varied by unit.

FROG company released the Blackburn "Shark" scale model kit in 1968. In 1990, this kit went on sale in a package of the Donetsk Toys Factory. ARK Model company produces this aircraft model since 2009.

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